UmVirt LFS Packages Service makes BLFS more friendly

You think that LFS and BLFS is too hard for you?

We have solution to make work with LFS and BLFS more friendly! 

Read more in article "UmVirt LFS Packages Service makes BLFS more friendly"


Certificate Authority Launch

Team "UmVirt" launched Certificate Autority "Ca.Umvirt.Com". Now most of our sites protected by SSL-certificates. Every visitor can improve his security via SSL-connection.



Free access temporary retro gaming virtual machine RetroGamer now launched


Now everyone can reserve access to SPICE-powered virtual machine.

More info at

Hacker Attack & Ban


This site uses Drupal CMS. It have critical vulnerability CVE-2018-7602 which was used by attackers to execute .

More info about this vulnerability:

On 22 April hackers is attack on this site and perform DDOS atack to other sites. On 24 April site server was banned by hosting company. Today we update CMS and hope attacks will be stoped.

Our advice to Drupal CMS admins is to check news & updates frequently.

umVirt.Org returns

Dear friends, after hacker attack we shutdown this server some years ago until the good time is coming. This time is come. 
We get epic challenge. It may be greatest achievement in our career.
Stay tuned!

KeyPaste is published

Keyboard Emulator KeyPaste is now published. KeyPaste can help you to paste text from clipboard when target application is refuse clipboard interaction or clipboard interaction is missing. Now you can paste text in Virtual Machines which missing guest additions support in order to clipboard interaction.


Umvirt Fedora Live Spiced VP is published

Unofficial expeimental set of Live-disks for creating Fedora based QEMU/KVM virtualization nodes & clients "Umvirt Fedora Live Spiced VP" is published. Now you can play with QEMU/KVM Spiced Virtualization from Live Disks. No Internet connection is needed.


Testing branch for Ubuntu 13.04 family GNU/Linux distros

New versions of UmVirt Spiced VP packages for Ubuntu 13.04 family GNU/Linux distros is become reachable now from new testing branch of Repo.Umvirt.Org.
Packages list:


Umvirt Knocker


Knoker project was added to projects section. Now you can use knocker to simplify composing knockd configuration.
Just define required parameters and commands then knocker compose for you knocking sequences.

Repository test branch update

Testing branch of repository Repo.Umvirt.Org was updated in order to sync with new version of QEMU package released on the new Fedora Core 18 release. Also packages was updated in order to buld new version of Spice GTK client.

Updated packages:



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