About Us

UmVirt project is aimed to raise a enterprise opensource IT-solutions customers from GNU/Linux enthusiasts. There are commercial distro called "RedHat Enterprise Linux" it is best solution for production purposes, but it is not convenient for startups (development, alpha, proof-of-concept purposes) because startupers are can't envolve investment to purchase RHEL on early stage of projects because their idea is not proven.

Against proprietary vendors which wish to lock-in customers on their platforms, opensource vendors are allow users to be free in their business grow. In open source software world the dilema "Pay or Die" like in proprietary world is not exist,  if you realy don't have a money you can use software and support it by yourself. When your business will grow you can buy paid subscription for production usage and get success in your area of intrest.

Warning: using of illegal copies of proprietary software in startup is bad idea for success story. You can lose everythig that you have now and lose your future.

We have deploy a proof-of-concept virtualization platform to show our future customers the new information technologies and we want share our tools with others "AS IS" without any warranties fo free to help startupers prove their ideas and become customers for enterprise opensource IT-solutions.

UmVirt.Org - is the global UmVirt project community site. There are russian site UmVirt.Ru with Google Translator widget which allows you to read on your language articles, news and other content which wrote on russian.