First year of ULFS development is over

One year ago UmVirt Linux From Scratch (ULFS) development was started. It's time to summarize a results.

Current status:
- More 700 packages: desktop & server applications, some games.
- Two platforms: amd64 & i386
- Used in virtual machines on
- Installed on laptop with AMD Ryzen
- Documentation is bad but exists
- Quality: too many usability bugs in desktop support, server applications looks better

- Active users count: 1
- Active maintainers count: 1

- ULFS prove that LAMP Webs-server can be used as software package installer
- ULFS gives platform to host Umvirt E-mail server and Umvirt Web-sites & web-services.
- ULFS gives open source software package maintaining insight and experince.
- ULFS can be used in QEMU & VirtualBox virtual machines and in simple QEMU virualization node.
- ULFS gives indepenance to us from other distros.
- ULFS can't be used widely as Ubuntu & CentOS alternative because there are many bugs. But can be used as reserve system.

Future plans:
- Creating new packages
- Bugfixing
- Mirroring:
- PyPI
- ULFS package manager improvement
- Updating to new LFS version

Summary: ULFS development is continuous activity because ULFS is not a target is tool to achive a targets!

Stay tuned!


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