This application is emulating keyboard key pressing to paste clipboard text.

Use cases:

  • Pasting text into applications which deny standard clipboard paste.
  • User activity emulation.
  • Transfer files


  • Run application executable. Console window should be shown.
  • Use hotkey[–°trl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[V] to perform clipboard text typing.
  • After text typing you can close window to terminate application.

Also you can paste command line arguments to tune settings:

  • pause before text typing (-p)
  • pause before newline (-n)
  • pause before each character (-c)

Terms of use:

You can use, share and modify this application in terms of GNU GPL license.

Known bugs:

- Today only English keyboard layout is supported.
- There is no GUI.

System requirements:

- ReactOS (0.3.16)
- Microsoft Windows XP
- Microsoft Windows 7

Download links:

Source code: