UmVirt LFS Packages Service makes BLFS more friendly

It's well known that new linux distro can be derived from other distro and from source code. For example, from Debian you can get Ubuntu from Ubuntu - Linux Mint.

Using existing distro as source is good idea if you average user and want to reduce time and not tempered to look underneath a hood.

If you real hacker existing distro usage is looks not enough for you. It's possible that you want to look underneath a hood and tune internals as you wish without any restrictions. In this case using source code is better choice.

There are two variants to complile linux from source code:

  1. Gentoo distro
  2. LFS (Linux From Scratch) & BLFS (Beyond Linux From Scratch) books

Gentoo is source code based distro it suitable for newbies because it gives you precompiled image and guide you through compilation proccess. This way is not 100% source code usage.

LFS & BLFS is books with instructions suitable for users which have experience in compilation proccess. LFS book helps you in creating compilation environment and helps you create a simpleimage. BLFS book helps improve your simple image to desirable state.

Main way to send commands to VM on LFS is typing commands manually it's take a lot of time and can raise typos. You can use SSH when acting in host machine and chroot to perform clipboard interaction.

Also you can try to use ALFS tool to automate compilation process. But when we tried use ALFS error has occured. So we left ALFS and start LFS manual compilation.

When you get simple LFS system you can continue typing commands and performing clipboard operations with BLFS. But some times it's needed to perform same steps again and again and this way becoming too much boring.

To make repeatable operations less boring you can use UmVirt LFS Packages Service and UmVirt LFS Assistant service it will bring you simplicity of binary distro.

UmVirt LFS Packages Service allow perform automatic packages compilation and installation.

To compile and install "Midnight Commander" package with all dependances manualy via UmVirt LFS packages service type:

wget --no-check-cerificate -O - | bash

Main purpose of "UmVirt LFS Assistant" service is running various commands inside operating system. Commands stored not in application or script file but in remote database.

You can use precompiled image or install assistant manualy on your LFS image.

To compile and install "Midnight Commander" package with all dependances via UmVirt LFS Assistant just type:

chimp install mc

To install X desktop environment you can simply type:

chimp install X

It's more easily than installing more than hundred packages manually. Also you can get statistics about installed packages and profiling and debug information.

All installed packages are represented as empty files in /var/cache/ulfs-packages directory.

You can sort files by date to get order of installation.

All profiling and debug packages information stored in /var/log/ulfs-packages directory. Each folder represent package with same name.

Currently we working on our own Linux distro and make compilation commands according with our own vision. If you like UmVirt LFS Packages

Service but think that our vision is wrong and your vision is right you can fork UmVirt LFS Packages Service and deploy it on your own infrastructure.

UmVirt LFS Packages Service have open-source architecture so you can freely edit and redistribute it.